Our Story

Hi There!

I have been designing graphic tshirts since I was a kid (trust me, I am a lot older now :-)

We all love graphic design t-shirts. But why? because they are fun! T-shirts are a simple and comfortable piece of clothing. Your choice of t-shirts tells the world who you are and what do you believe in. When a group of people wear the same t-shirts, they become more of a team, they have a common goal.

T-shirts are versatile and timeless. The challenge is to find a place you can trust to buy quality graphic tees at a price that will not break the bank. You would also like a killer and unique design.

The idea for icshirts graphic t-shirts began back in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had just went for a long hike and all I wanted was a new t-shirt to express my accomplishment and individuality. I envisioned this t-shirt to be bold, colorful and impactful.

After failing to find anything worth buying, I began discussing the missed opportunities within the broader apparel or t-shirt market. I was confident I could leverage my 20 plus years of experience in graphic design and marketing to create something new that the custom tshirt customer would love and appreciate.

That’s why I created this website! My goal is to create useful shirt graphics that work for almost everyone, make your life easier and fun, and eventually make an impact on your life, your family, your team, corporation or business.

I'll do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions to shirt trends and then make them available as soon as possible. I'm obsessed with delivering useful and fun t-shirt designs to my customers. My mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in the online t-shirt market and create t shirt designs that just do it for our customers.

My first step was to do a lot of research. The goal was to better understand the true need in the market and come up with my best way to fill that gap. I spent countless hours visiting local retailers and looking at online-only brands to better understand the existing landscape. Once I had a good handle on what was being offered I was able to begin formulating the unique positioning for the brand.

I’ve spent a lot of time ensuring the fit of our t-shirts is consistent. Product descriptions are detailed, especially for women’s t-shirts, to help our shoppers choose the right size. One very important aspect of our brand was to keep costs low and quality high. All of our t-shirts retail for only $22.99, which happens to be far less expensive than many of our competitors.

I research artist's styles from around the world that share my passion for the awesome graphic designs to ensure everything I produce is authentic. My goods include graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women, head-wear, posters, mugs, and more.

I am committed to providing quality lifestyle goods at the lowest possible cost to both our customers and the planet.